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David's Tip of the Day: Dynamics - Change within the Lick

David Barrett Admin's picture

Listening to Kim's "Hunch Rhythm" I'm sure you noticed that he didn't reserve dynamic change for only chord change, he also would...

1) Start a lick soft and then finish LOUD

2) Start a lick LOUD and then finish soft

3) Start a lick soft, then go LOUD and back to soft

4) Start a lick LOUD, then go soft and back to LOUD

5) Play punctuated note(s) VERY LOUD to surprise and excite you

This is a template for your next recording assignment. Try all of these. Surprise the listener... be erratic... be unpredictable... play softly to lull them into a soft groove and then smack them over the head with a loud note combination. Have fun... be over the top... softer-softs and louder-louds. Be DYNAMIC!