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David's Tip of the Day: Different Types of Tremolo and Vibrato - Part 8, Vibrato (3 Draw)

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Let's now try to create the vibrato on an unbent note.

Play your 3 draw and prepare your mouth to bend, but don't bend... keep your tongue and throat relaxed. Your mouth should be tuned to the 3 draw and is ready to influence the pitch when the tremolo starts. Now play your 3 draw with your throat tremolo and the vibrato should be there.

If you're vibrato is not there, then either your muscles are too tense or you're not tuned to the 3 draw.

Another way to try tuning your mouth is to play a 3 draw bend and slowly bring it back up to pitch. The moment the bend arrives at the unbent note, your mouth is tuned to that 3 draw. Turn on your tremolo and the vibrato should be there. Again, if it's not happening, then your muscles are too tense.