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David's Tip of the Day: Different Types of Tremolo and Vibrato - Part 15, Ya Ya Ya Vibrato

David Barrett Admin's picture

With all vibratos your mouth needs to be tuned to the reed you're playing, and with this type of vibrato you move your tongue in a Ya Ya Ya-like motion to change the pitch (jaw is stationary, only the tongue moves). This is similar to the idea of the Chewing Vibrato in the way that the throat is not used at all.

This vibrato is commonly used by overbend players due to the fact that it's stable across the entire range of the harmonica and performs well in all depth of bends. Compared to the other vibrato types the sound is a bit thin and the oscillating tone change of the tongue movement is a bit whiney sounding. For this reason I don't recommend its usage, though it is a good option for overbend players who bend a lot... it's basically a trade-off in tone in favor of control.