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David's Tip of the Day: Custom Harmonicas - Why They're Not Needed

David Barrett Admin's picture

I'm often asked about the value of using custom harmonicas. Today I'll state why playing a custom harmonica is not necessary or may not be a good choice for you. On Monday I'll speak of why players (including myself) choose to play them.

1) Most professional players started moving to custom harmonicas in the 1990's due to the low quality of harmonicas being produced during that time. Construction and quality control is currently better than it's ever been in the harmonica's history... you no longer have to play a custom harmonica to be a great player.

2) Do you play very loudly? If so, don't play a custom harmonica, you'll destroy it. The #1 reason to play a custom harmonica is in its ability to play softly, providing ease of play and great dynamic range. If you play hard on these harmonicas you'll kill 'em.

Have a great weekend everyone!