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David's Tip of the Day: Cupping Presure Test

David Barrett Admin's picture

A tight cup is used in preparation for a Wa or Tremolo in acoustic playing, or when holding a bullet mic for amplified playing. Whether you use the Pinch, End Cap or Two Thumbs Up approach taught in your lessons, each have the common element of an airtight cup (I'm not saying you have to squeeze your hands tightly, but your cup results in an airtight cup). A great way to test this is to hold your harmonica in your normal way... close your cup (in preparation for a Wa acoustically or for deep bass amplified)... drop your harmonica into your lap... make a seal with your mouth/face into your hands... blow. Wherever air leaks out, sound will also leak out... use this as a tool to shore up unwanted leakage in your cup.

I will include this, and vibrato/tremolo types, in next month's David's Corner videos in the site.