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David's Tip of the Day: Band Training, Part 10 - Volume & Tone

David Barrett Admin's picture

Tone is created by the player... with their embouchure (for a harmonica player) or with their hands for guitar, bass, piano and drums. Good players can play at a whisper-quiet volume with huge tone. They can also use a rig (mic, amp, etc.) that the average player may feel is lacking and make it sound glorious. If your rig doesn't break up until you have it set real loud, then tame it with lower-gain tubes or use a smaller amp so that you can drive it harder. Excessive volume on the bandstand causes issues with feedback and the inevitable battle of each band member turning up little by little until everyone is loud that the audience starts to cringe. So, loud volume equals loud... good tone can be produced at any volume. If you're not happy with your sound at lower levels, then go to the woodshed and get to work.