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David's Tip of the Day: 4-Point Hold on Harmonica = Less Fatigue, Part 3

David Barrett Admin's picture

And now for the fourth point of the 4-Point hold...

The webbing of skin between your thumb and forefinger creates a nice backstop for the left side of the harmonica. The location of where you place the corner of the harmonica depends on the size and shape of your left hand, but the general ideas is simple... allow a little bit of the rear, left-hand corner of the harmonica settle into that area at some point so that it prevents the harmonica from sliding away from your mouth as you play.

With all four points in light contact with the harmonica you create an extremely relaxed and efficient way of holding the harmonica with your left hand. This allows you to play with your left hand only if you wish, or for effectively freeing your right hand for tone production (closed cupping, hand tremolo, wa wa, etc.).

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I'm heading out to paddle some lakes and rivers... see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!