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8 Bar Blues - Key to the Highway, Part 2 (Little Walter)

David Barrett Admin's picture

What you find in "Key to the Highway" are our standard I, IV and V Chords, but in a different order. Here's the chord progressions:



The first line of four bars has the I Chord (one chord) for one bar, then a bar of the V Chord and then two bars of the IV Chord.

The second line has the I Chord for one bar, then the V Chord for one bar and the last two bars are our standard turnaround (the same as found in the last two bars of our 12 Bar Blues Progression).

Now try playing the root notes with your C Harmonica in 2nd Position, Key of G..

2 1 1+ 1+

2 1 2 1

Give this a try and we'll continue this discussion tomorrow.