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David's Tip of the Day: Variation, Part 5 - Hook Example (Texture Options, IV and V Chords)

David Barrett Admin's picture

IV7 = 4+ 3' 4+ - The 4+ can be played as an octave and the 3' can be played as a two-note combo (3' with 4'). You can also do a shake (3' with 4'), but is less common.

V7 = 4 4+ 4 - A perfect opportunity to use octaves, and is the most common way players will present the V7.

And your Bb Harmonica in 3rd Position...

I7 = 4 4+ 4 - Octaves are the way to go here (take a listen to "I'm Ready" from the Father & Son's album featuring Paul Butterfield. Different song, but same note combination in octaves).

IV7 = 6+ 5 6+ - Same as the I7 in 2nd Position we spoke of yesterday

V7 = 6 6+ 6 - Not much you can do here, an octave embouchure gives you the dissonant sound of the 3 draw/6 draw fake octave, so most players just keep them as single notes.

Explore these today and see which version(s) you like.