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David's Tip of the Day: Approachable Slow Blues from Little Walter, Big Walter Horton and Jerry Portnoy

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Once you complete these Study Songs...

1) Tongue Block Study 1 "Walk with Me"
2) Bending Study 2 "Feelin' for the Blues"
3) Bending Study 2.5 (Repertoire Builder) "Take It Easy Now"
4) Bending Study 4 "My Blues"

You'll be ready to give these great slow blues instrumentals a try. The challenge of playing a pro's song is that they use whichever techniques they want, at any time, and at any speed. So you may be able to play most parts well, but others may literally be impossible until you build a host of technique (it's common for one lick to have up seven techniques used to present it). With this said, there ARE some cool songs out there that are approachable pretty early on.

1) "Blue Midnight" by Little Walter
2) "Sad Hours" by Little Walter
3) "Blues for Big Nate" by Jerry Portnoy (this song is unlocked when you complete LOA-L1)
4) "Easy" by Big Walter Horton

Have fun!